The Irish Centre for Composites Research carries out extensive research in the area of modelling and testing of composite materials and structures. IComp provides research, consultancy, training and information services to the composite materials industry in Ireland. The centre has outstandingly well-equipped laboratories and computational resources, with the capability to manufacture, test, inspect and analyse virtually any type of composite structure.

With experienced faculty and research staff, IComp is collaborating with the leading composite material industries across Ireland and Europe. This collaborative exercise allows IComp to share the tools and methods to promote awareness and technology transfer and to meet the challenges  of industrial change linked to the widespread adoption of composite materials.

We have significant process equipment for compression moulding, prepregging, injection moulding, vacuum forming and resin infusion, as well as materials testing machines and component fabrication facilities.

Our experience covers the breadth of composite material technologies, applications and business issues, and companies use us to create and test innovative composite products and processes, or to advise on trends in the future of the industry.


IComp Mission

IComp's mission is to provide innovative solutions to industry and accelerate economic growth in the Irish composites industry. At IComp, we are committed to researching new and evolving technologies to address business needs and to maximise the potential of business members, whilst maintaining the highest quality standards of excellence.


IComp Vision

Our vision is to be an Irish and European valued organisation in composites innovation, providing the most technically advanced composite solutions. We aspire to be an aspirational and motivational centre that encourages the personal and professional development of talented and passionate people and the growth of the Irish economy.






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